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The Boarding School Therapist

Supporting those who wish to explore and understand the impact Boarding School may have had on their childhood development and subsequent behaviour as adults.

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Doors Close Midnight 9th January 2024
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What is Boarding School Syndrome?

It is now widely recognized that there are a collection of learned behaviors and emotional states that may follow growing up in boarding school which can lead to distress.  Joy Schaverien has labeled this "Boarding School Syndrome."

The symptoms can include:​

  • Depression, workaholism, burnout, low self-care. An inability to relax.

  • Relationship difficulties, Parenting difficulties, fear of intimacy. Sexual problems.

  • Emotional numbness, hypervigilance, shame, and guilt. Fear of groups.

  • Low-self esteem masked by an outwardly confident exterior.

  • Trauma, Grief, Isolation, Loneliness,


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