Are you struggling with a particular issue that you want to explore? This offer is to those I have worked with before, or those who feel they would benefit from one session to explore their nominated concern.

I provide Single Session Therapy which is for those who:

  • Are struggling in their current lives and are curious to know if this may be linked to their boarding school upbringing.
  • Are confronted with an urgent concern they wish to explore and address within one session and are after immediate support.
  • I have worked with before who wish to check back in and want to explore a particular concern they have.
  • Want to explore whether they might benefit from individual ongoing therapy, but don’t have the resources currently for more than one session.

The session takes place with the understanding that the session might be the only one.

If during the session you decide that you want to follow it up with ongoing therapy, then you have that option if I have availability.


1. Book your Single Session Therapy Session

2. Receive a questionnaire from Amelia and return within 48 hours of agreed appointment, along with payment (details will be provided).



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