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Clients Experiences of working alongsdide and having therapy with me

“Amelia walked with me through all my pain and struggles and I now don’t shy away from the bad times. I see them as lessons and catalysts for positive change. Her weekly empathy was my comfort and balm, and knowing I had someone who genuinely cared but knew when to step back and challenge me to find the right way helped me beyond measure. I will be eternally grateful to her for facilitating the strong woman I knew and know deep down I am.”

“During my sessions with Amelia, I felt as though I were properly heard and had her full attention. I would leave feeling a sense of understanding, with a fresh perspective on everything that I was going through, having talked in a space free of judgment. For anybody looking for counseling, I would highly recommend Amelia as she has helped me work through and add words to things that were previously so difficult to talk about.”

“Wow, I feel amazing. You created such a safe, warm, nurturing environment with such a lovely group of ladies. It felt so freeing and just what I needed to “Simply be, ” let go and reconnect with my body and to free my mind. Thank you so much. I feel so joyful.”

Testimonials: Testimonials
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