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Helpful Information and Resources

Below are some resources relating to Boarding School which may be of interest – videos, articles, and links


Filmed in September 1993, this documentary is about young boys starting boarding prep school. It features Nick Duffell of Boarding School Survivors talking about surviving boarding school and his work with former boarders.

Book and article recommendations

on the subject of Boarding Schools

Nick Duffell’s book has received wide acclaim from doctors, therapists, educators, writers and general readers. It describes the history and social context of boarding, the inevitability of ‘Boarding School Syndrome,’ as well as the process of de-constructing a ‘Strategic Survival Personality.

Wounded Leaders: British Elitism and the Entitlement Illusion – a Psychohistory

by Nick Duffell, Lone Arrow Press 2014, trade paperback 

by Thurstine Basset and Nick Duffell
Routledge, 2016,

Boarding School Syndrome: The psychological trauma of the 'privileged' child

By Joy Schaverien, 2015

by Margaret Laughton, Allison Paech-Ujejski, et al. | 25 Feb 2021

by Nikki Simpson  | 8 Jun 2018

Sad Little Men: Private Schools and the Ruin of England

Richard Beard

Articled written by Marcus Gottleib, a psychotherapist who talks about his experience running workshops with gay boarding school survivors and shares his own personal learnings and growth, as well as those of his clients.

Working with female ex-boarders in workshops

Thoughts written by Nicola Miller on topics that have emerged through her work with women ex-boarders including internalised misogyny.