A safe supportive online space for you to come together, meet and connect with other women who have a boarding school background, and experience the growth that can come from being part of a nurturing supportive female group.

You will be part of a supportive online community group, (separate to Facebook), in which you can connect and share with one another and myself.

Each month we will have two group meet ups online.  

One call will have a topic and our session will begin with a small check-in. I will then raise the theme of the group and afterwards will invite you to share with one another your thoughts and feelings on the subject. This may be as a group as a whole or in small break-out rooms dependent on the size of the group.

The other call will be for general connection and sharing.  This will begin with a small check-in and you will have the opportunity to ask me anything, and offer support to one another with what you bring.

You may come to both calls, or only one depending on what you need that month. 

You will develop trust and safety and have space to share how you really are without censoring yourself with others who want to listen. You will be seen and heard.​

The themes may be linked to your experience at boarding school or may vary from relationship difficulties, body shame, hormonal issues, money, depression, motherhood, menopause, loneliness, and anxiety.

Whatever you need. I invite you to make suggestions if you have a particular theme you would like to discuss.




When: Theme Group Call - 2nd Wednesday of the Month.

Group Sharing Call - Last Wednesday of the month.

Time: 7pm-8pm. ​

Recording of initial talk by Amelia at the beginning of the Theme Group call will be uploaded into the Community online group post call. 

Annual summer Meetup in Brighton, UK. Sea swimming optional...

Cost: £35 per month.


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