Aware Boarding School may have affected you and you don’t know how to work through it?

This webinar will show you a pathway to recovery so that you can find direction allowing you to create more nourishing healthy relationships with yourself and others



This course helps ex-boarders reflect on how they have been impacted by going to boarding school, so they can make changes in their present behaviour and create more nourishing, healthier relationships with themselves and others.


How to Heal from Growing Up in Boarding School

Do you:
  • Struggle in relationships?
  • Have low-self esteem?
  • Hate asking for help?
  • Find it difficult to regulate and express your emotions?
Growing up in a Boarding School may have impacted you.
You may be interested in signing up to my Free Download 'How To Heal From Growing Up In Boarding School' where I share with you the ways that I have used myself and with clients to find direction, address some of these difficulties and make changes to present behaviour.
Helping to create nourishing healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Interested in the Boarding School Course for Ex-Boarders but have some questions?

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"I joined the course because I wanted to explore and heal more of the trauma of boarding school and to get more free from the impact of that experience on my life. And to be supported by a professional who has personal experience of this too and can therefore truly understand how devastating boarding school is. I enjoyed learning at my own rate, taking my time, having the space and the opportunity to pause and reflect when it felt like a lot to be processing. The greatest learning was truly understanding for the first time why my boarding school experiences had been so excruciatingly painful and validation of those feelings. I am now able to hold myself with more tender compassion and be with the feelings that arise, without feeling so overwhelmed by it and knowing that I am not alone. Completing this course has benefitted me as I feel that some of the pain has lessened and I am able to be more compassionate with myself and others who have also had this experience in their lives. It has given me the courage to go back to my boarding school to visit, which was a very empowering experience, to have the courage to be interviewed on a podcast about my experiences. I highly recommend working with Amelia, I will be doing more courses with her again in the future."

About Amelia

Amelia is an experienced Therapist and Tutor who has worked for many charities and organisations over the past 12 years including the NHS and Brighton University. She has specialist psychotherapy training with ex-boarders, which she undertook with Nick Duffel. She provides individual therapy, courses and workshops for ex-boarders and Therapists.

As an ex-boarder herself, she is passionate about enabling others to see beyond the “privilege" and recognise some of the impact that having early attachments broken can have on young children. She supports ex-boarders in developing their own awareness of how their schooling may have shaped them. By telling their stories, expressing their feelings and releasing any shame, they start to learn to trust themselves and others so they can step fully into healthy relationships and ways of being.

Outside of work at the water's edge in her hometown of Brighton, as she is a passionate sea swimmer. However, she prioritises parenting her three teenage daughters and relishes seeing them grow up in a city they call home.