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What does September evoke for you?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Many ex-boarders have spoken of a level of melancholy that comes over them at this time of year. A grief.

Their body is reminding them of how they experienced pulling out their trunk and packing again to return to boarding school, leaving their family, pets, all that is familiar behind.

The summer holidays may have been long enough to have adjusted back to being their "home self," and then they have to pack that self up, along with their trunk and pull on that armor and adapt back to being their "school self." All the while making sure they don't show any signs of being homesick for fear of causing distress to their parents or being targeted for bullying.

This pattern is repeated over and over again, which can cause a split in personality and a disintegration of the self.

If you are an ex-boarder and this resonates with you, try and do nourishing things for yourself this September. If you notice your mood dip as the season changes, think what that little child would have wanted and needed to express. Try and give that to yourself. xxx

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