£95.00 per 50-minute session

Single Session Therapy

I provide Single Session Therapy which is for those who:

  • Are struggling in their current lives and are curious to know if this may be linked to their boarding school upbringing.

  • Are confronted with an urgent concern they wish to explore and address within one session and are after immediate support.

  • I have worked with before who wish to check back in and want to explore a particular concern they have.

  • Want to explore whether they might benefit from individual ongoing therapy, but don’t have the resources currently for more than one session.

The session takes place with the understanding that the session might be the only one.

If during the session you decide that you want to follow it up with ongoing therapy, then you have that option if I have availability.

What People Are Saying:

I can’t put into words how wonderful Amelia was to me, and how helpful she was in a very dark time in my life. I would recommend her to anyone. She changed my life, thank you Amelia.

During my sessions with Amelia, I felt as though I were properly heard and had her full attention. I would leave feeling a sense of understanding, with a fresh perspective on everything that I was going through, having talked in a space free of judgment. For anybody looking for counseling, I would highly recommend Amelia as she has helped me work through and add words to things that were previously so difficult to talk about.

Amelia walked with me through all my pain and struggles and I now don’t shy away from the bad times. I see them as lessons and catalysts for positive change. Her weekly empathy was my comfort and balm, and knowing I had someone who genuinely cared but knew when to step back and challenge me to find the right way helped me beyond measure. I will be eternally grateful to her for facilitating the strong woman I knew and know deep down I am.