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I am launching an online course and community over a 20-week period. This course will enable people to understand and explore the impact their own boarding school upbringing had on them and how it influenced their development and their subsequent behaviour as adults.  It will support those to tell their story, to grieve and address their feelings surrounding their schooling and their parents. 

We will look at ways to support you to regulate your emotions, improve your relationships and boost your self-esteem. 

The programme will start on January 15th 2024.

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What age were you when you attended boarding school?

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How do you feel your boarding school upbringing has affected you?

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If you were to come up with 3 things in your life that you need support with, what would they be?

Question 4 of 10

If you were to rank one of the 3 things in your life that you need support with (refer to previous question) as your number one priority, what would that be and why?

Question 5 of 10

How important is community for you? Connecting with like-minded people who have attended boarding school?

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Have you ever had any support before to help you with the issues you are experiencing? If yes, please provide some details below.

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What comes up for you when you look at the module breakdown below? 

The modules are below. 

- First Day at School

- Homesickness / Bereavement

- Survival Personality Formulation

- Taking Care of Ourselves

- Puberty and Adolescence

- Feelings and Emotions

- Parenting and Family Life

- Relationships and Intimacy

- Acceptance

- Integration

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What comes up for you when you look at this image?

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Any other suggestions that would make this course helpful for you?

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