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Online Group Discussions

A monthly community live discussion group led by Amelia for those who went to boarding school to come together and share their experience and support others.  

Each month will have a different theme.

We will meet on the last Saturday morning of each month up until December 2023.

9 am -10.30 am.

30/9/23 - First Day at School. 
We will be exploring your arrival at Boarding school and its subsequent impact.  An opportunity to share your experience with others and consider what you left outside of those school gates and what happened on the other side. Open to all.

28/10/23 - Mothers and Daughters
We will be looking at how your relationship with your mother was affected by going to boarding school, and how this has affected your own identity as a woman. An opportunity for you to share and reflect with others.

25/11/23 - Parenting Difficulties
We will explore some of the difficulties you may have parenting your children when you lack the blueprint to do so.  Many parents struggle with this as they didn't experience parenting themselves as they were brought up in an institution.  An opportunity to meet and connect with other ex-boarders share your experiences and gain support. Open to all.

Price £30

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