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Spring Awakenings.

Women's retreat day.

Come and immerse yourself with me on Saturday May 20th in a beautiful lakeside yurt in West Sussex countryside for a day retreat.

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The day

During the day you will come together with other women who wish to explore some of the ways boarding school may have shaped their development. We will start the day with some grounding exercises that will help you to start to feel safe in the space together. You will come together and connect with others as you share your own stories, and experiences and listen to others. You may find others have had similar experiences to your own at school and together we will start to look at how these experiences may have shaped how you are today.

There will be a focus on abandonment, gender identity, body shame, sexuality, your relationship with food and mother / daughter relationships.


The day

There will be time and space to explore the acres of wild land and take a dip in the beautiful lake if you want to. There is a wood-burning stove we can light to warm up afterward if we need to, whilst sipping warm cups of tea and cake. Or maybe we will be bathed in beautiful sunshine?? A common trait that many who went to boarding school have is difficulty in slowing down and taking time for themselves. This afternoon will give you the opportunity to do just that so you will leave feeling restored and nourished.

Maximum 10 people.

Time - 10 - 5pm Lunch included.

Cost £95

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